I can't find the homescreen widgets. How do I add them to my homescreen?

First make sure you are looking in the right place. Homescreen widgets in Android are not added through the app. Where they are depends on what version of Android your device uses. On most devices you will press your apps button from the homescreen, then select the widgets tab from the top right. Then look in the list for NOAA Weather. On older devices, widgets are added by long pressing on the homescreen and selecting widgets.

If there are no NOAA Weather widgets in the list, it could be due to a bug in Android where the list doesn't get updated when installing the app. In this case you will have to try rebooting the device or re-installing the app for the list to be updated with the NOAA Weather widgets.

Also note, if you move the app to SD storage to free space on your device, this will break widget functionality. This is because when you restart your device, the SDCard is not accessible when Android is adding homescreen widgets and they will be removed.

Part of the widget gets cut off. Why is this and what can be done?

The problem is that different devices have different screen aspect ratios. Some screens are more square and some are more rectangular. I tried to make the widgets fit on as many different screens as possible, but its not perfect. I could have made the widgets more sparse (show less data), so that there would be more empty space to accommodate the differences, but then of course you get less info. If the widget is getting cut off, you should try using a different size. The large widget is also resizeable.

Further, if you are using a 3rd party home screen app, you may have to adjust your homescreen settings. These apps can add extra rows which also affects the aspect ratio.

Is there a way to put the date/time on the widget?

Currently no. To show the time on the widget requires that the widget be updated at least once per minute to be at all useful. In an effort to keep the app very lightweight I have not implemented this. I may reconsider or at least add an option for displaying the date.

How to I get the widget to open the app when I press it rather than the configuration?

In the configuration there is an option "Widget Touch Action". Select "Launch App" instead of "Re-configure".