App doesn't display current observations

Sometimes the app will not display some or all of the current weather conditions. Common examples are to see "--" for the temperature. You might see "weather summary unavailable" and the stock image photo instead of the weather conditions.

There can be a number of causes. In some cases the station could have an outage, or the feed from NOAA could be down. Some stations may not provide certain details. Many stations don't provide the data necessary to show the weather conditions icon.

By default the app will use the data provided by NOAA that comes along with the rest of the forecast. Sometimes that default may not be the best choice, may lack data, or may not be the station you want to use. In those cases the app allows you to change stations to one that may work better or better represent your location.

To change stations, press on Current Observations, then more stations or the map button, to see what stations are available. You can then select a new station to use for that location.

When you select a different station, the app also gets this data from a different NOAA resource, and in some cases may produce better results when the default choice isn't working because of a data feed issue.

NOAA is actively working on improvements to the resources used by this app. The alternate station list actually uses this new resource. After NOAA is finished there will likely be some changes to how this works and it will hopefully be more consistent and have less problems.