The app can't find my location

There are a number of reason this can happen. The first thing to understand is that there are 3 ways your device can locate you.
1) Cell towers - usually not very accurate.
2) Wifi networks - doesn't always provide a location, but accurate when available.
3) GPS - accurate but slow and doesn't work indoors.

NOAA Weather looks at 2 things when considering a location. Is it accurate enough and is it relatively up-to-date. Both of these settings are adjustable in the the app settings. If a location does not meet the requirements, NOAA Weather will keep waiting for a better location. When this happens, you will see a bar across the bottom of the screen indicating that a suitable location cannot be found. Pressing this bar will bring up a menu with available options.

In some situations your device may simply be unable to locate you. For instance, if you are on a wifi network and have no GPS or you are indoor. In these situations your only option may be to manually enter your location. See the questions below for adding locations.

Adding a new location

To add a location, press the location bar to bring out the locations drawer. Then either press the add location button to type in the location, or press the map button next to it, to select a location from the map. If you want this new location to load when opening the app, make sure to also set it as the default location.

You can also save a location detected by the app by long pressing on the location bar, and selecting save location from the list.

Setting a default location so the app doesn't detect my location every time?

Once you have added a location, you can set that location as the default by pressing the 3 dot menu on the location, and then selecting "Set as default from the options".

Removing a location

To remove a saved location, press the 3 dots menu of the location you want to remove, and select remove from the options.