How can I change the items that are shown on the hourly graph or list?

The hourly tab has a side drawer with a list of items to display on the graph. Do a swipe motion from the right edge of the screen to bring out the drawer. Then select the items you want to show. To make it easier, you can hold down at the edge of the screen causing the drawer to "peek" and make it easier to grab on to.

Why is there no wind direction flag shown on the graph, like on the NOAA website?

Due to a technical limitation, it is difficult to add these flags to the line graph. For now you can see the wind direction by pressing on a point on the wind speed line. You can also see the wind direction by switching from the graph display to the list display.

Why is there a line through some or all items in the drawer, and these items don't show up on the graph or list?

The line through indicates that the app was not able to retrieve data for that item. This can be normal for some items such as "wind gusts" which are only provided when necessary. In other cases there could be a temporary outage or other problem for your location. If you continuously have this problem, feel free to contact me with your location and I will look into it further.

Why do I get a error that the hourly forecast is currently unavailable, even though the forecast works fine?

This can happen occasionally when NOAA is having technical problems, specially during periods of high load. If the problem persists, feel free to contact me and I will look into it.

What are QPF and Snow estimate?

QPF stands for Quantitative Precipitation Forecast. It is the expected amount of liquid precipitation for a given area over the time period. In the case of snow or ice, it is the amount of melted water that results from that precipitation.

Snow estimate uses QPF values along with temperature, to statistically estimate snow fall. It's possible, especially with temperatures around freezing, that the app will give snow estimates even though there is no snow at all. It could rain instead and the app will still provide the estimate. The estimates are based on this table.