Error messages while downloading the forecast

The app will display error messages when it is unable to download the forecast. The message will give details if it can determine there is a connection issue or you're on a wifi network that requires a login.

Otherwise the app will display the standard error that the file could not be downloaded and there could be a temporary outage. This happens sometimes and in rare instances outages can last some time. Unfortunately there isn't a lot I can do in these situations and we just have to wait for NOAA to fix the cause of the outage.

When outages last a while I will contact NOAA and check their status pages to try and find out what happened and when it might be fixed. This information will get posted to the apps Twitter page, so I recommend checking their first during outages.

In some cases during outages the website will still work because NOAA has a separate computer readable format which apps can use, and in some cases only the computer readable format will be affected. We can take advantage of that with a feature in the app which allows you to link directly to the website with the location you're currently looking at. Go into the app settings by pressing the menu at the top right. Then Web Links, and check Standard forecast page. Then pressing the menu again, there will be an option called "NOAA Web Page" which will link you to